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We Talk Law is a phone-based service providing expert legal help direct from practising lawyers. We can advise you no matter which stage of a legal procedure you have reached.

We Talk Law understands that facing legal processes can be stressful. We empower you to confidently take the next steps to resolve your legal problem.

  1. When you contact us initially, we will make a free assessment of your situation (your phone tariff rates apply)
  2. If one of our experienced lawyers can help, they will call you back at an agreed time for a fixed fee of only £68.
  3. We can also call you on Skype by prior arrangement.
  4. There are no additional charges, unless you would like a confirmation of the advice via email for an extra £10.
  5. If we can’t help, we will let you know at the earliest stage and you won’t be charged.

The lawyer you speak to can represent you if your case is brought to court, saving you time and giving you a consistent service. The £68 fee does not however cover court or tribunal representation. Read more about what we don’t do.

If you call us, please read our guidelines so you know what to expect.

How can we help you? Find out which areas of the law we specialise in, and what sort of legal help we can offer.

Simple legal advice

Call us on 0203 002 4898 for a free initial assessment and one of our specialist lawyers will call you back.

Or pay instantly via PayPal to start the process.

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