Preparing for a Call

Follow these steps to gain full benefit from our service:

Step 1: you call us on 0203 002 4898 for a free initial assessment

This lets us consider your case and tell you whether we can assist you. If we can’t help, we may be able to recommend a lawyer who can.

  • before calling, check that we cover the area of law affecting you.
  • have to hand all the relevant paperwork, such as a charge sheet or summons.
  • have pen and paper ready to make any notes yourself.
  • when you get through to We Talk Law, a legal advisor will ask you some initial questions about your situation to understand the problem. Please explain the details as clearly as you can.
  • if we can help you, we’ll ask you to pay a fixed fee of £68. You will need to have a valid debit or credit card ready to make the payment.
  • arrange a convenient time for a practising lawyer who specialises in the appropriate area of Law to call you back. We can also call you on Skype by prior arrangement.
  • at the end of the call you’ll be given a unique reference number which you need to keep in a safe place.

Step 2: a practising lawyer calls you back to advise you

During this confidential call you will speak to a practising, experienced lawyer who will advise you on the best action to resolve your legal problem. Calls may be recorded for security purposes.

  • before the arranged time, have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve from the call.
  • have your unique reference number ready.
  • have a pen and paper ready to take notes on the advice you are given. If you prefer, the lawyer can email you notes from the call for an extra £10.
  • make sure you are in a quiet, private place so you can clearly explain your situation and hear the legal advice given.
  • we understand that legal problems can be stressful, so try to stay calm. This will help you discuss your case carefully and absorb the advice we give you.
  • ne of our lawyers will call you back at the time you arranged during the free initial assessment. The length of the call is unlimited.
  • stay on the call until the lawyer has fully explained all the advice.

Resolve your legal problem: call us on 0203 002 4898

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