Immigration Law advice

If your visa application is refused, the authority that deals with Immigration will write to you and explain why your application was turned down.

If you disagree with the reason they give you and you have a statutory right of appeal, you can appeal against the decision.

It is vital in this case that you use a solicitor practising in Immigration law. This is because you will need to prove that the decision was not made in accordance with UK Immigration policy or law. The case may then go to an Immigration tribunal where your appeal can be heard in front of a special panel of decision makers.

We Talk Law uses a network of highly-skilled practising Immigration lawyers to help you prepare for tribunals and resolve Immigration appeals. We offer the only phone-based helpline in the country that advises on all aspects of UK Immigration Law.

Please note, if, after we have advised you, you require representation at an Appeals Tribunal, We Talk Law can refer you to a panel of approved solicitors which will incur a further fee.

If you want to appeal against a decision the Government has made about your stay in the UK, and need legal advice for an immigration appeal or tribunal, contact us on 0203 002 4898. We can give you the legal advice you need over the phone.

We Talk Law's three easy steps for providing helpful legal advice:

  • Call us for your free initial assessment, to tell us about your legal problem
  • If we can help you, one of expert lawyers call you back at an agreed time
  • You get unlimited legal advice over the phone, all for a fixed fee of £68

Find out more about how it works or call 0203 002 4898.

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