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The acquisition of citizenship (nationality) by somebody who was not a citizen of that country when he or she was born is called naturalisation.

To obtain British naturalisation, the basic requirement is that you first have the legal status of being a full-time resident without disqualifying absences for a legally-defined period of time e.g.; "Indefinite leave to remain" or "No time limit". You also have to promise to obey and uphold UK laws and meet the criteria of Section 6 of the British Nationality Act.

The first step in applying  for British citizenship is to obtain and fill out a naturalisation application form.

The route to the acquisition of citizenship for children is different. Contact We Talk Law for assistance with all aspects of citizenship for children.

If you need legal advice on naturalisation or help with your naturalisation application, We Talk Law can assist you with clearly-explained advice over the phone. We advise on all aspects of UK Immigration Law using only highly experienced Immigration solicitors.

If you need legal help or naturalisation advice, call our legal advice helpline on 0203 002 4898. One of our expert immigration solicitors will give you all the legal advice you need on British naturalisation. You can talk for an unlimited amount of time.

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