Immigration Law advice

Immigration Law refers to the movement of people into a foreign country and the conditions of their visit. Immigration Law also sets out provisions for illegal immigrants and illegal immigrants’ rights.

If you want to work, study, invest, live, or seek asylum in the UK, you may need help completing the visa application. Perhaps you would like to settle in the UK and need help on immigration law. Or, you may be facing deportation and need urgent advice. Whatever you, need, call us today for expert legal help. Even if your case is complex, you may be able to resolve your immigration issue quickly and efficiently with guidance over the phone from practising Immigration Law solicitors.

We Talk Law is the only phone-based immigration helpline in the UK that advises on all aspects of UK Immigration Law. For just £68, we can offer unlimited immigration advice on aspects including:

We can help with:

UK visa application

you want to stay in a country to fulfil a job contract, avoid persecution, to marry or to study (length of stay varies depending on your purpose for entering the country)

Visitor applications

to visit a country, you may need to meet certain requirements depending on your nationality

Settlement/ indefinite leave to remain

as a foreign citizen, you’ve spent the legally defined period in the destination country, despite not yet being a citizen

Naturalisation – acquiring British citizenship

you want to acquire citizenship in a foreign country

Asylum applications

you want to seek asylum to avoid being forced to return to a country where you may be persecuted


you are required to leave a country and will be detained until you are removed under a deportation order


you are in one country and another country wants you in their jurisdiction for a criminal trial or investigation. The process of transfer to that country is extradition.


you want to appeal against an immigration-related decision that has been made about your stay in a country.


Simple legal advice

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