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"I found the service friendly and supportive, when dealing with complex family issues it was helpful to know that the legal side of the issue was being taken care of by competent individuals. They charged £68 for their support which I considered a fair price considering the extent of time they gave to my case. I would definitely recommend their services to others."

- Karen Jameson, Solicitor.info

"Was sceptical at first but blown away by the service. Was on the phone for around 70 minutes and only paid £68, would have had to pay at least £200 for the same thing if I had have gone to the high-street which was what I was going to do. Well advised, thank you!"

- Amanda, Solicitor.info

"Excellent service. I will never waste money going to a high street solicitor again. I made two appointment times for the solicitor to phone me at home, it was £68.00 per call. The call lasted as long as I needed, and was not rushed. He was very helpful and understanding. This is the service for you if you are worried and need guidance through legal jargon"

- Anonymous, Solicitor.info

"I literally cannot recommend this service any more - was totally shocked at the sheer quality of the service. The lawyer I spoke to even called me back after my hearing to see how things went! Will definitely use again, will save me £££ hundreds!"

- JR, Solicitor.info

"I used this service as I was really worried about the contractual clauses in my contract of employment. I wanted to resign my employment and join a competitor company and I was bound by an anti competition clause. I spoke with We Talk Law and was very impressed with the service. I arranged a call back at a time that was good for me. I was offered excellent legal advice and we explored practical options and I was able to go back to my employers and reach a good outcome which allowed me to join the new company:

- John Sinnett, Solicitor.info

"Cant say enough positive things about this service - I had a query regarding a residential property and the free insurance legal cover was next to useless and long winded so I called We Talk Law - all done and dusted in no time and great value if I think a half decent solicitor wants £100 to write a letter - will be using again"

- Paul Stephens, Solicitor.info

"Very quick and easy for someone like me with limited English. The lady I spoke to was calm and helpful and cost less than I would spend with my solicitor who is always on voicemail. All round a great service that I used twice"

- Julio Figuerado, Solicitor.info

“Very good service, good advice and I am acting on part of it. May have to come back”

- James Minns, Manchester UK

“Great service. Got exactly the same from the solicitor as I would if I Paid £300.00”

- Chris Western, Brighton UK

“Lawyer was very knowledgeable. Will use the service again”

- Claire Hannam, Paris France

“I could speak to someone without travelling. Little effort. Good value for money and good information”

- Martha Herud, London UK

“Found it helpful. Good to hear clearly and truthfully as to what you can expect. Very good price proportionate to what I wanted to find out. All my questions were addressed. I would recommend and use it again. I was unclear about certain things and the advice broke it down. The solicitor was very sincere and he could not tell me I will definitely win at the tribunal but he gave me the tools to prepare my tribunal case”

- Samuel Hunt, London UK

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