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As an employee, you can be made redundant when your position is no longer required, new technology has made your role unnecessary, or your employer needs to cut costs or close the business.

However, you may feel that your employer’s reason for choosing you for redundancy has nothing to do with the reasons above.

If your employer makes a redundancy, they must follow a fair procedure according to the law, as with all discrimination or unfair dismissal matters.

If a fair procedure is not carried out, and you are unfairly made redundant, you may be able to claim unfair dismissal according to your employment rights.

Some common reasons to be unfairly made redundant are:

  • Failure of an employer to consult with you on how a redundancy might be avoided
  • Failure of an employer to consider suitable alternative work for you
  • Unfair selection of an employee for redundancy

You are entitled to statutory redundancy payment if you have worked in the position for two years since 6 April 2012. Before 6 April 2012, you are entitled to statutory redundancy if you worked in the position for one year. If the reason for redundancy is because as an employee you asserted a right to flexible working, there is no fixed length of service.

The amount of statutory redundancy is based on age, length of service and salary, but you may be eligible for additional payments if these were agreed in your contract.

If you suspect you have been unfairly made redundant, we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice. There is a three month time limit for unfair redundancy claims from the time your employer notifies you of redundancy.

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