Absent fathers right’s UK


Absent fathers right’s UK. Should absent fathers fear child support?

Absent fathers rights UK. Why Should absent fathers fear child support?

If it is not you, you may know or aware of someone that is not participating in a child’s life and is required to pay child support.

Absent fathers right’s UK… If a brief relationship results in a child being born, do you have a responsibility for giving financial maintenance to that child and or the mother? For this discussion, we assume there is no paternity doubt. If there is a doubt then a DNA test will be necessary.
The Law:

There is a legal responsibility to provide child maintenance support to include any accumulated arrears.

The child maintenance service(CMS) can seek maintenance payment from a parent if the parent and child are both habitually resident in the UK.

The duty to pay maintenance support applies to a child under 16 or under 20 in approved education or who is unmarried.
Being faced with these issues can be daunting.

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