Employment law issues in 2021

Employment law (key issues in 2021)discussion & review.

Employment law issues in 2021

Employment law issues in 2021

Employment law issues in 2021. The aftermath of the covid 19 pandemics is likely to be massive redundancies.

Employees may react very differently to the news that they’re being made redundant.

Some may be delighted as that may be the opportunity to move on to somewhere else.

For others, It may be devastating news because of the uncertainty and what lies ahead.

Also, the way the redundancy procedure differs between employers.

Some employers are very blase about the process to the point they might adopt a tap on the shoulder and be encouraged to take a leave approach.

Other employers are more careful in giving a full explanation of what’s happening.

Inviting- employees to consultation meetings.

Whatever the approach that your employer takes or the reaction that you have.

It can be empowering to take legal advice at a very early stage of the redundancy consultation process. You need to be familiar with the process and your rights.

Seeking early legal intervention can enhance your compensation by adding zeros to your package.

It can assist you in taking back some of the control in what may seem like an uncertain period.

Some issues may have arisen or questions you have requiring legal scrutiny. For example, Is it more powerful to say very little in the first consultation meetings?

How do you ask lots of probative questions and get a lot of information about what’s happening?

Do you want to lay all your cards on the table?

Do you want to keep them close to your chest?

Are you concerned that there may not be a redundancy situation at all?

All important thoughts require specialist input.


Contacting an employment specialist solicitor at this stage will add real value to you.


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