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Legal custody

Legal custody

Legal custody is a legal status that gives parents the authority to make decisions about their children’s welfare. Custody may be awarded jointly to both parents, or one parent alone.

Joint legal custody is said to be in the best interests of the child, as it ensures that both parents can make decisions about their welfare and upbringing. However, in cases where joint custody is not possible or is not in the best interests of the child, sole custody may be awarded to one parent. This allows that parent to make all decisions about the child’s welfare without input from the other parent. Custody may be awarded in conjunction with physical custody, or it may be granted separately.

legal custody rights and What are your rights as a father

Legal custody is the right to make decisions about a child’s welfare, including decisions about education, religion, and health care. A parent with custody has the right to make decisions about a child’s life, even if the other parent disagrees.

What are a father’s rights in custody cases?

Fathers have the same rights as mothers, including the right to be awarded  custody by the court. However, a father’s rights may be limited; if the child’s mother is the child’s primary caregiver. In these cases, the father may only be awarded joint custody with the mother.


For both parents to be awarded  custody of a child, the parents must be both fit and willing to take care of the child. If one of the parents is not able to take care of the child, then the other parent will typically be granted sole legal custody.

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