dress codes law

Dress codes and the law

In light of the recent row over a temp worker being dismissed for refusing to wear high heels at work, we thought we’d delve into the laws behind dress codes. Where is the line between a uniform and a dress code? When can a dress code be sexist or discriminatory? How should dress codes apply…

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National Living Wage

The National Living Wage

As of the 1st of April, the Government’s new National Living Wage will be introduced to UK Employment Law. The new rate applies to all working people aged 25 and over, and will be set at £7.20 per hour. To ensure you’re getting paid the right amount, below we’ve provided all the information on the Living…

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returning gifts consumer rights

How to Return a Gift – Your Consumer Rights

No matter how well you know somebody, there’s always a chance you might buy the wrong gift, or double up on something already bought. If you want to return a gift, or send any of your purchases back, it’s wise to know your consumer rights. As some of you may already be taking advantage of…

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obtaining a court injunction the UK

What Are Your Employee Rights?

In order to help you understand your rights at work, and to help you in the case of a disagreement or issue with your employer, we’ve put together this handy guide for you. Types of Employee Rights As an employee of a company, you are entitled to certain legal rights. These rights help protect you…

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