Criminal Offence Lawyer

Criminal Offence lawyer

Criminal offence lawyer advice. The information in this blog will also cover what you should not do when you have been charged for a criminal act.

Do not panic

The first thing not to do, is panic.  Listen to the charges and ask the Police or whoever is accusing you that you want to access legal representation.

Changes to the legal aid systemCriminal Offence Lawyer

A few years ago obtaining such legal representation was reasonably straightforward because Legal Aid was available. Legal Aid is a pool of public
money set aside by the Government and used to pay Lawyers who advise and represent people accused of criminal acts.

Through the Legal Aid fund you could access Lawyers at Police Stations or at Magistrates Courts.

According to the stats by Legal Aid acts of assistance as at 2012/13 had fallen by between 10% and 12% since 2007/08

Recently, Legal Aid has been cut back drastically so that many people who previously would have received Legal Aid to help them in funding representation in Court, are no longer eligible.

Many have no understanding of evidence or the legal procedures.  Such a situation will inevitably result in many miscarriages of justice and cause delays in the efficient delivery of justice.

Regardless of the cutbacks, the Police will continue to investigate criminal acts and charge people.  Those charged need new ways of dealing with their problems and maintaining access to justice.

Most criminal convictions come about if the crime fits the evidence. When the Police question the accused they do so to try to ensure the evidence they have fits the crime.

Criminal Offence L awyer Call  for legal advice

We Talk Law, a specialist telephone advice service will assist anyone charged with a criminal offence in giving them the initial advice about their situation which,  will empower them in understanding and dealing with the legal implications of the charges at a Police interview.

This is why it is vital that a person accused of a crime seeks independent, professional, reliable and accessible legal advice.

We Talk Law are open 7 days a week

Once charged the process becomes formal and it is advisable to take counsel as everything said is recorded and can be used against the accused in evidence.  There are no reliable “off the record” chats between the accused and the accuser.

If you have been charged with an offence then call We Talk Law on 0203 002 4898 for affordable, fixed fee legal advice to lessen the pain of the process.

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